Delhi Food Ride

Quite recently, Delhi Food Walks stumbled upon this fascinating idea of conducting food rides. With an aim to support Max Bupa Walk for Health, DFW undertook a cycle expedition to experience the serene mornings and to promote the basic idea of health. We cycled from one food outlet to another, and received an overwhelming response to this venture from all our foodie enthusiasts. On their overwhelming demands of making this food ride a regular feature, Delhi Food Walks feels proud to announce its very recent food expedition over a cycle - Delhi Food Rides. This fascinating cycling expedition for food will take you around the lanes of Delhi to relish the delectable dishes served only in the mornings besides letting you speak to the wind. Much of them include bedmi puris - a puffy, hefty, deep-fried puri-like bread made of wheat flour, spices, and dal, which is served with a spicy aloo sabzi, or potato curry; pitthi and matar kachori - a proper Delhi preparation, stuffed with peas and dal, spiced up with condiments, and served hot with potato gravy; chhole bhature - another puffy, hefty, deep fried bhatura-like bread made of white flour served with a chick-pea curry; moong dal halwa - split green gram dal, further pounded, roasted, and mixed well with sugar, milk and milk solids; gulab jamun - a dessert, similar to a dumpling, made of milk, sugar and milk solids, taken along with sugar syrup; and many more dishes this food ride has to serve you with. Delhi Food Walks has gained expertise, having explored these very lanes over walks, and is cognizant of what suits the non-Indian stomach best and thus, you will often be asked by the hosts to avoid certain food items too. Join this food ride in the morning to relish the tranquil experience of its own.

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