Kamla Nagar

Nestled right next to the University area of North Campus, lies the popular shopping destination for the young and the old alike Kamla Nagar. While most people know it for its brightly lit shops and array of branded showrooms, few consider it as an eating destination. What might come as a surprise to many is indeed an open secret among the hundreds of students who live in North Campus and enjoy the delicacies of Kamla Nagar every day.
Popularly known as K-Nags among the student community, Kamla Nagar has several food haunts that offer a variety of cuisines. Whether you possess an eclectic taste for Continental or Chinese, or are looking for that delicious glass of cold Lassi, this amazing market place never disappoints. Right from the popular ones like Tom Uncle's Maggi, to renowned eating places like Keventers, the place suits the taste buds of one and all.
Street food items like Aloo Chaat, Bread Pakoda and Tikki, Bhel Puri and Kachori are a huge hit among the student community. The place also offers a slew of mouth-watering sweet dishes like Badam Milk, Rasgullas and Ras Malai. Grab a plate of spicy momos, sizzling hot Chole Bhature, and a thirst-quenching lassi and you'll be done for the day!