Old Delhi Breakfast Walk

The busiest of all places, Puraani Dilli, (Old Delhi) is somewhat serene in the mornings. The quietness of the place, however, speaks volumes. With lonely lanes and less people around, the walk across this area will take you back to the black and white era. The elaborated complex pattern of wires slightly higher in the sky, the historical architectural patterns and the creative ability to design a khopcha (shop built in almost no place) is a distinct feature particular to puraani dilli alone. It might emerge as a hyperbolic remark when one states that the by lanes of this walled city speak to you about their own history. Such serene settings in the morning can make anyone crave for a walk, not only because of the tranquil experience, but to relish the most eclectic menu served at this place.

The beauty of an early walk relies upon savouring the delectable dishes available only in the mornings. Much of them include Bedmi Pooris - a puffy, hefty, deep-fried puri-like bread made of wheat flour, spices, and dal, which is served with a spicy aloo sabzi, or potato curry; Pitthi and Matar kachori - a proper Delhi preparation, with peas/dal stuffing, spiced up with condiments, served hot with potato gravy; Paneer Pakoda - huge cubes of cottage cheese immersed in a flour batter, and then deep fried; Nahari - a sumptuous non-vegetarian dish cooked overnight with hot curry spices; Paaye - with soup like consistency, Paaye is considered to be a royal food, made of goat's trotters and is usually eaten for breakfast.

Sweets usually made of milk and milk solids are served hot in the mornings, some of which include Jalebi; Nagori Halwa - a small, crispy, crumbly puri made with suji (semolina) and ghee, paired with suji halwa, a sweet, dry porridge likewise cooked in ghee; Moong dal halwa - split green gram dal, further pounded, roasted, and mixed well with sugar, milk and milk solids; Gulab Jamun a dessert, similar to a dumpling, made of milk, sugar and milk solids, taken along with sugar syrup; Kheer - a rice pudding made of milk and sugar, garnished beautifully with dry fruits.

Besides this, the trail has many more dishes to serve you with.
Delhi Food Walks has gained expertise, having explored the lanes over a walk, and is cognizant of what suits the non-Indian stomach the best and thus you will often be asked by the hosts to avoid certain food items too. Rest assured, mates!

Time- 8:30 am to 12:30/1:00 pm