• DELHI-CIUS journey! The food walk in Old Delhi is a great experience and by far the best way to see and taste Old Delhi!!!! The places we visited and the foods we had were an incredible experience. The journey covered everything from delicious sweets, to the best naan in the world, to the greatest chicken I've ever had and many other amazing surprises that deserve to be tried!!! Either for foreigners or for locals, a tour with Delhi Food Walks is the best because the staff provides the best guidance and company to know the most special places of foods that are a must-eat in the heart of Delhi. This was my fist tour with them and it was excellent. The tour was well-planned, the food was safe and delicious, and they provided professional photos of the journey. If you are planning to go on a food walk, please eat little before the tour, so that you carry a good appetite and have enough room for all the delicious surprises that will be awaiting for you! Bon apetit!!! :D

  • Taste of heaven in chandini chowk My sister and I went for the chandini chowk breakfast tour conducted by Anubhav. The highlight of the tour was the nagodi halwa, Lotan chole kulcha, amritsari lassi, besan barfi, kheer, paneer jalebi...the list was endless. A very well chalked out route map..inspite of the humidity..we were awed by the delicious rich fare and the hospitality of the people in old Delhi. Anubhav is a very patient foodie guide and very knowledgeable about the various places to visit . The tour started and ended in time which was great.. A must do for every foodie!

  • Night food walk and breakfast trail a highlight of our trip We went on the food walk when we first arrived in New Delhi.This proved to be fantastic not just for the food but also for understanding the culture and what food means to the Indian people. The dishes were fantastic Anubhav made sure we tried a large range of dishes and tailored the tour to what we wanted to try most. We returned to New Delhi 7 days later and went on the breakfast trail tour, again we were amazed with the variety and quality. Considering the amount of food each person eats this a great value tour. A great introduction into Indian food and will provide visitors with enough local knowledge to try street food for the remainder of your Indian journey.

  • This guy is the Anthony Bourdain of Delhi!!! To put it plainly, this tour was AWESOME. As a foodie here in the US (and someone who has done food tours before), this tour exceeded all of my expectations. Anubhav is an awesome guide, taking you to places you'd never be able to find (or know about) on your own. The places he takes you and the food you eat is straight out of a 'No Reservations' episode. He goes to the most authentic places, and is extremely knowledgeable about the food, the ingredients, the history, and the local culture. He doesn't just TAKE you there, he brings you along with him on a journey deep (literally) into Delhi's food history. Simply put, the value of this walking tour is unmatched. After 4+ hours, we left the food walk stuffed, and were also able to see a side of Old Delhi that we otherwise wouldn't have. Anybody who gets excited about food or food tourism NEEDS to take this food walk... trust me.

  • I found Delhi Food Walks through TripAdvisor, and went on the evening market/food tour on June 5. I almost passed on this experience, as I wasn't sure about my timetable. I am so glad I went, for a number of reasons. I have to start with the dishes and great local cafes and food vendors. After I tried the first dish, a fried vegetarian stuffed pancake with two dipping sauces, I remember thinking this was going to be my favorite dish of the night. Then I changed my mind when I tried the sweet jalebis, made right in front of me. Lamb kabobs, butter chicken, dish topped the next one! I have to confess I was a little reluctant because I didn't think I was much of a fan on Indian food. That changed during the evening. I also was really glad to support local food vendors who put their heart into making just one or two dishes. Second, Anubhav is an exceptional guide. Not only was he knowledgable, explaining backgrounds on each of the dishes and cafes, but he was patient with all of my questions, interested in what I wanted to learn, and was very conscientious about food safety. At one point, the ice cream shop we wanted to visit was closed, but he got a hold of the owner so an assistant could open the store so I could try three amazing flavors (pomegranate was my favorite). Finally, to help space out the generous sweet and savory dishes, we visited some amazing temples and markets. My favorite temples included a 1,000-year old Jain temple down a small, ancient street, and a large Sikh temple where I really got a sense of the Sikh sense of devotion and selflessness. Then there was learning about spices from an expert at the spice market, being introduced to the the different merchant alleys at night...I loved the whole adventure. I have to thank the previous reviewers who recommended this tour. I can't say enough good things about my experience.

Delhi Food WalksTM

Delhi, the iconic post-colonial capital of India, represents a food utopia, an epicurean paradise of sorts, with cuisines for just about every palate. Whether it is Mughlai splendors, street food discoveries, or global foods with an Indian twist, Delhi is the place to be. Each street and lane of Delhi is imbued with a history of gastronomic glory, offering the flavors of heritage, tradition and a passion for food that has been shaped over eras, across borders, and in the hearts of the city's people.

Delhi Food Walks began in 2011 to act as a bastion of Delhi food culture. Initially, we organized walks for tourists who could get a slice of true Delhi cuisines through our food walks. Gradually, we expanded the network and honed our expertise, opening our walks to students and corporate groups as well. Delhi Food Walks now beckons food aficionados from diverse backgrounds; if you have an appetite, we are here to satiate it.

Message from the Founder

"My passion for food really got ignited when I left home to stay in a hostel and desperately began to miss my mother's kitchen wizardry. In 2011, I started to explore the by-lanes and back-alleys of Delhi, or as the lovers of this city like to call it, "Dilli" to explore its food culture, to try and find an alternative to the traditional Indian meal I had grown up on, at home. Away from the posh restaurants with flashy hoardings and over-priced international cuisine, I wanted to find places which embodied the spirit of Delhi.
So what is this unique spirit of Delhi, you ask? Delhi has been home to people from all walks of life. It has learnt to preserve its cultural history, appreciate distinctiveness and create a spirit of its own- all while becoming the heart and treasured capital of the nation.
The same goes for the food. Through years of cultural interaction, many joints have opened up which offer not only a taste of authentic Dilli food at reasonable prices but are considered landmarks on Delhi's culinary map. These places, along with their special secret recipes, have been handed down through generations. Community identities are expressed in their food and they help foster this spirit of oneness by sourcing ingredients locally. I started Delhi Food Walks (DFW) because the food in these places has stories to tell and I wished to share these stories with you.
DFW has already become a platform for foodies to share their culinary conquests and to keep the food culture of Delhi alive. The food and dishes we chose for our Walks are tried by me and my fellow food-enthusiasts and our decision is based on the taste, authenticity, hygiene, quality of ingredients and value for money. We make sure that you will not go home disappointed or un-satiated!
Lastly, I am lucky to have met and worked with so many people who share an equal passion for discovery, adventure and food with me and I hope I get the opportunity to take you along on a similar appetizing expedition through my Dilli!"

Anubhav Sapra

Why DFW?

At Delhi Food Walks, we aim to provide the ultimate gourmet experience to take back home with you. Our tours are customized to meet your time and taste preferences. We conduct weekly food expeditions that allow you to relish the food culture of Delhi and interact with fellow food enthusiasts.

With Delhi Food Walks, you can:

* Eat like Mughal emperors in Old Delhi's celebrated joints, synonymous with scintillating kebabs and rich regal curries

* Sample the tangy street food of the famous Chandni Chowk, where the day begins with the hustle and bustle of hawkers setting up their shops

* Gorge on the contemporary delights available in the energetic Kamla Nagar area, offering vibrancy in every bite

* Embark upon the all-new Breakfast Trail and start your day with an impressive array of Delhicacies!

* To watch the hundreds of small pyramids of dried fruit, nuts and spices, visit the Asia's largest Spice market

* Hop on the Kebab Trail to savor the delicious, succulent and exquisitely spiced Kebabs which has experienced a long journey and many incarnations

* To experience the ultimate joy of giving and sharing, visit the world's largest attended community kitchen, a Langar at Gurudwara

* Choose from the smorgasbord of tasty treats at South Delhi's Chittaranjan Park - from kathi rolls to the quintessential mishti doi, they have it all!

* Enjoy the flamboyant pomp and show during the festival season which constitutes an integral part of Delhi's lifestyle and food culture

* Visit the State Bhawans (government-maintained canteens that offer cuisines from different states of India) and enjoy authentic food that is specific to the palate of the respective states

On demand, Delhi Food Walks offers Kitchen visit and cooking classes to help you understand the Indian Cuisine in greater detail. The Meet-the-chef tour is simply a cherry on the top!

Quality ensured:

1. All walks are conducted with a constant supply of bottled water and hand sanitizer.
2. All food walks are customized on the basis of special requirements, allergies, sensitivities and spice tolerance.
3. The food walks are guided by an expert who knows the food culture of Delhi in and out.
4. We do not outsource any of our work to independent guides. Our food walks are designed by the Foodie-in-chief, Anubhav Sapra.
5. The interactions with the guests revolve around Delhi, its food culture, the variety of Indian Cuisines etcetera.
6. The leftover food is donated to the homeless and destitute people on the streets.

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