So, what is Delhi food walks ?


Delhi, the iconic post-colonial capital of India, represents a food utopia, an epicurean paradise of sorts, with cuisines for just about every palate. Whether it is Mughlai splendors, street food discoveries, or global foods with an Indian twist, Delhi is the place to be. Each street and lane of Delhi is imbued with a history of gastronomic glory, offering the flavors of heritage, tradition and a passion for food that has been shaped over eras, across borders, and in the hearts of the city's people.
Delhi Food Walks began in 2011 to act as a bastion of Delhi food culture. Initially, we organized walks for tourists who could get a slice of true Delhi cuisines through our food walks. Gradually, we expanded the network and honed our expertise, opening our walks to students and corporate groups as well. Delhi Food Walks now beckons food aficionados from diverse backgrounds; if you have an appetite, we are here to satiate it. Delhi Food Walks is the original culinary tourism company of Delhi. Aside from taking you to the nooks and crannies which are home to the most delicious aromas in Delhi, we also curate Food Festivals in Delhi.
Our events are usually a celebration of the myriad of cultures and lifestyles. We like to create opportunities for our patrons to connect to vendors that have created legacies or are making history in the culinary world from their own sweet corner.

We also run a Youtube channel with the name 'Delhi Food Walks' where we bring you the vibrancy of Street Food from all across India. We have an exclusive portfolio with major brands like the ITC Ltd. , Baskin Robbins India, Rekhta Foundation etc. and we also take up Personal Projects to bring recognition to the unsung extraordinary chefs in the streets of Delhi with the first ever 'Street Food Awards'.

And the good news is that our team is branching out with 'India Culinary Tours' with which we will be able to reach out to all the food lovers across India. The new website will be live soon.